Care Information

This is only the beginning for your hand forged, high carbon steel blade. Each knife is created in a way that will allow them to slowly take on the characteristics of their journey through the world- just as we do. Your blade will develop a unique patina with each use and the handle will gently discolor and disfigure with time to perfectly match the shape and feel of your hand. Materials that scratch, dent or seep into the woods and metals will tell a story of what you and the blade have experienced together. The more you use your blade, the better.
Thank you so much for your support!

Sharpening: Your blade is made from high carbon steel which means it should require very little sharpening. If you feel your blade requires sharpening it is highly recommended that you use a honing steel or a leather honing strop (if done carefully, your leather sheath, belt or boots will suffice!) If you feel that more in-depth sharpening is required please utilize sharpening stones or contact a professional knife sharpener. DO NOT USE store-bought drag-through sharpeners - they WILL destroy the blade geometry!

Daily Use: Wooden cutting boards are preferred with high carbon steel blades, as ceramic or glass can roll a fine edge. In order to ensure that your blade stays in prime condition it is important to keep it clean. Don’t allow any moisture or organic materials to remain on the blade or handle for an extended period of time. Be sure to wash and thoroughly dry your blade after each use to prevent rusting.

Long Term Care: Keeping your blade clean and dry is the best way to ensure it lives a long life. Applying oil to the blade, handle and sheath every so often is highly recommended (any food grade oil is fine- coconut, avocado, olive, safflower, etc.) as it will protect the blade from developing rust, keep your handle from drying out, and allow your sheath to retain a beautiful, deep oiled color.